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Gert Buter (Amsterdam 1948) has been a nature and photography enthusiast since childhood.

Armed with the birds guide "Wat vliegt daar?" (What's flying there?) and his father's box camera,
he first set out in the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen (Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes) and later,
when the family moved, he spent his weekends in the nature around Arnhem.

During more than 35 years he is living in the province of Friesland now,
making his digital photos with Nikon apparature and being a member of clubs of nature photography,
like "Natuurfotografen Vereniging Friesland" (
In addition to the "cultivated" landscape of Friesland and The Netherlands,
he very much enjoys photographing the unspoilt nature of Norway, Sweden, Iceland or Spitsbergen.

His book "frieslandelijk", Friesland, land of nature, was published by "Friese Pers Boekerij" (ISBN 978 90330 08917).





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